Winner of 6 Ovation Awards in 2013, including Outstanding Production!

It's the classic story of a love triangle: a sweet blonde, a sexy brunette, and an ever-so-confused redhead. Set in 1996, the musical begins with Alex accidentally asking both Cathy and Erica to prom.

When the girls find out, they demand he choose which one he wants to embark on his future with - girl-next-door Cathy or sophisticated Erica?

Such a big decision can be hard for a teenage boy, so Alex enlists his girl-hating and hot-dog-loving best friend, Parker, for help. But he needs to make his decision quickly because both Cathy and Erica have suitors of their own (Randy and Dexter) who are vying to be with the girl of their dreams.

Meanwhile, Parker is wrapped up in his own girl problems, since Esther just doesn't take no for an answer!

So will it be Cathy? Will it be Erica? Who's it gonna be? Just wait and see!

Show History

Riverview High: The Musical began in April 2011 during a casual conversation in the car between Stewart Yu (music and lyrics) and Angela Wong (book). By the end of June 2011, Angela and Stewart had sketched out the storyline and completed six songs, which they tried out on a few friends in the first singthrough. Mike Mackenzie, signed onto the project at the end of 2011 to direct the production and to assist with lyrics.

In February 2012, the Vancouver Fringe Festival officially accepted Riverview High: The Musical as a BYOV artist. The piece was further developed in a series of workshops in April and May 2012. Riverview High: The Musical's made its world premiere on September 6, 2012 at the Firehall Arts Centre and was an instant hit, selling out its run at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. It was voted Pick of the Fringe, and it was the best-selling show in the history of the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

It also won the Ovation Award for Outstanding Production (Small Theatre) 2013. In addition, our own Michelle Bardach scored the award for Outstanding Supporting Performance (Female) for her portrayal of Esther. Cameron Dunster (Parker) and Alex Gullason (Mallory) also picked up the Outstanding Gypsy awards, while Caleb di Pomponio (Dexter) and Steffanie Davis (Jessie) were chosen by Vancouver's artistic leaders as Outstanding Newcomers.

Directed by Mike Mackenzie, music directed by Stewart Yu, and choreographed by Dawn Ewen, Riverview High: The Musical made its return to Firehall Arts Centre from August 7-24, 2013.

Since then, the creators made the musical available for licensing, with a special school edition that debuted at Killarney Secondary School in January 2015.

Workshop cast of Riverview High

2012 Fringe cast of Riverview High

Now available for licensing!