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Following an award-winning Fringe Festival run in 2012 and a remount in 2013, the creative team began licensing Riverview High: The Musical (School Edition), which debuted at Killarney Secondary School in January 2015.

Style: Fun, contemporary pop musical theatre.

Themes: Romance, self-acceptance, diversity, being true to yourself, following your heart.

Cast Size: 8 principals, 8-22 ensemble. All teenage roles.

Orchestra: Keyboard, drums, bass, guitar.

Setting: Riverview High School, 1996.


It's the classic story of a love triangle: a sweet blonde, a sexy brunette, and an ever-so-confused redhead. Set in 1996, the musical begins with Alex accidentally asking both Cathy and Erica to prom.

When the girls find out, they demand he choose which one he wants to embark on his future with - girl-next-door Cathy or sophisticated Erica?

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ALEX (baritenor) is a red-headed teenager who often thinks less with his brain and more with his crotch. He is simultaneously in love with Cathy and Erica and has a tough time committing to just one girl.

CATHY C. (mezzo) is a sweet, loveable blonde who has been friends with Alex since grade school - and has been in love with Alex for just as long. Her rival is Erica.

ERICA SNODGE (alto) is brunette vixen from the richest family in Riverview. She always gets what she wants and what she wants is Alex. Her rival is Cathy.

PARKER (baritone) is the best friend of Alex. He is a food-lover and a lady-hater. He is the unwilling object of Esther's affection.

DEXTER (tenor) is the smartest student at Riverview High. He is shy and has low self-esteem due to his nerdy appearance. He is secretly in love with Cathy, who is clueless about his feelings.

RANDY (tenor) is a rich teenager with a sharp tongue and a deep sense of entitlement. He believes that Erica belongs with him, and openly despises Alex for coming between him and Erica.

ESTHER (alto) is an awkward girl who transferred to Riverview High in her freshman year – the same year she fell in love with Parker. She often tries to win over Parker with her antics, but with little success.

SCARLETT CHAMBERS (alto) is a rich and flirty red-head. She attends Oceanview High – the arch rival school of Riverview High. She loves to seduce guys and toy with their affections.


JASON SPANO is the Senior Class President at Riverview High.

JESSIE, MALLORY, and HARMONIE form Riverview High's hottest pop group, Jessie and the Bunnygirls.

CHAD, TAD, and BRAD are the rich jock friends of Randy and bully other students.

MINDY LAWFORD, FELICIA SILVERROCK, and KAT GLOSS are famous models who often grace the covers of magazines.

HALL MONITOR is the "enforcer" at Riverview High.

SODA JERK is the waiter at the Soda Fountain.

ROSA, SOPHIE and CAROL are Erica's maids who are constantly at her beck and call.

CHEERLEADERS of Riverview High. Their high-energy cheers always lift the spirit of the student body.

ARTIE is a cocky freshman who is entering his first year at Riverview High.

BETSY is the sweet blonde girlfriend of Artie.

VERONIKA is the sassy brunette girlfriend of Artie.

Jessie and the Bunnygirls

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